Bathroom Accessibility
Tubs, Showers, Chairs & More for Safe Bathroom Access

For users with a variety of accessibility needs, Hudson Accessibility Solutions offers a complete line of bathroom aids that increase independence and improve mobility - both for patients and caregivers. Our experienced staff specializes in bath modification and transfer solutions. Hudson's expert service includes free site evaluation and assessment, insurance funding (when applicable) and expert installation and instruction for all products supplied.

Walk-In Shower

Barrier Free Walk-In Shower Systems

Curbless shower systems eliminate barriers to safe and easy shower access. Without a curb, threshold or step, users with limited mobility can enter the shower stall. These barrier free shower systems are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, for installation in virtually any bathroom, and can be installed with vinyl or a variety of tile options to fit your décor.

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Walk-In Tub

Walk-In Tubs

Improving tub and shower access with minimal renovation, Safeway Step® is a product and installation method designed to provide fast and economical bath accessibility. Typically installed in less then a day and in virtually any tub material, this innovative product cuts away a section of your current tub to create safe "walk-though" access.

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portable shower for wheelchair users

Shower Bay Portable Shower

This portable shower unit can be easily assembled and connects to a standard faucet, providing access to safe bathing for users in wheelchairs, with no transfers required. No remodeling needed

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Grab Bars & Grab Bar Installation

Hudson Accessibility Solutions offers a full line of heavy-duty grab bars in a variety of colors, finishes and styles. Available in a variety of lengths, Hudson also offers professional grab bar installation, using strong and reliable fasteners designed for virtually any material.

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ShowerBuddy Shower Stall Wheelchair

ShowerBuddy is unique transfer system that reduces the need for patient lifting and transfers. With a unique waterproof design, the wheelchair can be safely rolled into a shower stall for bathing, and also supports commode usage. ShowerBuddy is an easy-to-use chair that provides safe and secure bath access, with privacy and dignity for the patient.

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TubBuddy Bathtub, Commode & Shower Wheelchair

The TubBuddy is an ergonomic bathing transfer system that improves access to tubs without difficult transfers or expensive bathroom renovation. An elongated track allows the chair and patient to slide over the tub, or over a toilet, providing safe and supported access. This waterproof unit also offers a tilted option, for patients who require more assistance.

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Roll-inBuddy Toilet/Shower Wheelchair

The Roll-inBuddy can be used to roll-into showers for bathing, or for toileting, and features a light-weight, safe and easy-to-use design. This shower wheelchair supports one of the largest weight capacities of any standard rolling shower chair, and also offers a tilt option to release pressure on the patient and improve bathing, as well as a heavy-duty model that supports taller patients.

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