Specifications Savaria V-1504 Platform Wheelchair Elevator Models

  • Platform Dimensions - 36" wide x 48" long; 36" wide x 54" long; 36" wide x 60" long; Sizes up to 42" wide x 60" long available
  • Maximum Travel Distance - 23 feet
  • Non-Skid Access Ramps
  • Type of Drive - 2:1 chain hydraulic
  • Controller - Constant pressure keyed button, optional keyless and call available
  • Power Supply - 1.5 hp gear-type motor, 12-volt battery on residential unit
  • Nominal Speed - 20 ft/min.
  • Capacity - One person in a wheelchair and one passenger
  • Rated Load - 750 lbs capacity


Enclosed Vertical Platform Wheelchair Elevator Lift
Savaria V-1504 Wheelchair Elevator

The Savaria V-1504 vertical platform lift / wheelchair elevator is most commonly installed in commercial settings, though it can be used for private homes and residences. It's elegant design options allow this wheelchair elevator to fit into any public building, acting as a lift for wheelchair access to one or more levels, carrying both a wheelchair user and a passenger.

Supporting both interior and exterior installation, the Savaria V-1504 wheelchair elevator uses a hydraulic lift system, with the platform lift and rails enclosed in a lift tower. The wheelchair lift tower is secured to a wall, or can be installed in a constructed hoistway. The unit's drive system is enclosed within the lift tower, so it does not require a separate mechanical room.

Features and Options of Savaria V-1504 Wheelchair Elevators

  • Multiple design options and configurations
  • Soft start-stop and quite operation
  • No wheelchair elevator machine/mechanical room
  • Continuous pressure button operation
  • Easy to install, with modular rail construction
  • Automatic battery recharging system
  • Keyed car buttons and wheelchair elevator call stations
  • Door locks
  • Underpan obstruction sensors and emergency stop for added safety
  • Platform gate and non-skid platform
  • Optional 3 or 4 stop operation
  • Optional steel ULC fire rated, wooden or low-profile aluminum doors
  • Optional 12-volt DC power supply for residential applications
  • Optional keyless operation, or keyed/keyless hall call

Standard V-1504 STD

The standard V-1504 wheelchair elevator features beige powder-coat paint finish with interior or exterior installation (optional colors available). A popular platform wheelchair elevator for schools, churches and public places.

Aluminum/Acrylic V-1504 ALPE

Designed for exterior installations, an aluminum and steel framework supports clear, acrylic inserts (or optional glass panels) and a top dome to protect users from weather. The wheelchair elevator gates and door can be motorized, and a ventilation system ensures the platform wheelchair elevator is comfortable.

Optional Powder-Coat Finish Colors

Light grey, dark grey, black, architectural white, dark brown, fence green, white and custom colors are available.

Savaria V-1504 Wheelchair Elevator Photo Gallery

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The Savaria V-1504 integrates seamlessly into your commercial enterprise
The Savaria enclosed platform is an ideal accessibility solution for multiple level commercial areas such as hotels
Class and safety ride hand in hand with the Savaria V-1504, featuring integrated design and hand rails
Add accessibility to your lobby area to increase customer traffic
Satisfy the stairway accessibility needs of your workers with a Savaria V-1504 enclosed lift
Satisfy the stairway accessibility needs of your workers with a Savaria V-1504 enclosed lift